Bugeishi Aikido

About us

The puropse of this page is to give you a general idea of who we are and what we stand for. Please note that we do not presume to speak for Aikido or any other Aikido club, this is just our take on this wonderful martial art and how we approach its study. The page is devided up into five sections with various subsection.

The first section outlines the philosophy of the club.

The second section outlines what we see as the true benefits of studying Aikido.

The third section outlines the various principles we learn from the study of Aikido in the Bugeisha Aikido Club.

The fourth section provides brief outlines on the background and approach of the individual instructors.

The fifth section, called media, provides brief audio interviews from various club members and links to other websites. The purpose of the audio interviews is to not to 'wax poetic' about Aikido but to give you a further insight how we experience the club and what we are about.

Contact Us

Visit our Payment and Joining page for details on how to join Bugeisha Aikido Club.

If you would like some further information about aikido or our club then please contact:
South Ruislip, London - Richard Watkins on 07803 594712
Perivale, London - Marek Franaszczuk on 07951 817458
Broadstone, Dorset - Don Deacy on 07740 415712
or send an email to