Bugeishi Aikido

The benefits of studying Aikido

Most people first study Aikido, or indeed any martial art, in order to learn how to defend themselves, their friends and their loved ones.  This is natural and only right; but pretty much every fighting systems teaches an ability to destroy an aggressor and to only focus on the self defence aspect of Aikido is to sell this wonderful martial art short.  There are plenty of sites on the internet that ably demonstrate the effectveness of Aikido as a form of self defence and this site is not going to add to them. Instead, we would like to focus on the true and long term benefits of studying Aikido which are the life skills that you take off the mat not your ability to clear a bar!! 
To mention but a few of the benefits:  
  1. Trust in the intentions and abilities of yourself and others
  2. Friendship with a new group of like minded individuals
  3. Accepting and working with your limitations and those of others
  4. Becoming a calmer, more balanced and less aggressive person
  5. Well being benefits such as fitness, flexibility, co-ordination and heightened body awareness
  6. A personal sense of confidence
  7. Perseverance –
    • Overcoming your frustration when things are not going your way
    • A willingness to make mistakes and to grow
    • A willingness to see beyond what you think you know

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