Bugeishi Aikido

Don Deacy

I have been around the martial arts for most of my life and like many people exploring the world of martial arts I came across and studied many sytems until I found the one for me. In my late twenties I discovered Aikido and for me this has become a lifetime study, there are no short cuts and I wouldn't bother with it if there were. 
Over the years I have come to recognise that it takes certain personal qualities to truely study Aikido and they are not qualities that I origionally thought would be particularly relevant to the world of martial arts.  
Of course there is the desire to become proficient in self-defence which is common to anyone studying any martial art.  That’s not enough to endure the “highs and lows” of studying of Aikido.  
I have seen many physically gifted people train for a while, pick up the techniques quickly and do them very well.  But then they leave because sooner or later there comes a point when the penny drops that there is so much more to Aikido than simply doing techniques.  It's not a quick fix, no matter how hard you try the essence of Aikido cannot be mastered in a few years and just when you think you have a handle on it you soon find out that there is so much more to learn.
It’s not for glory either.  Bugeisha Aikido is not competitive so there are no medals, trophies or titles to be won.  
It's not defined by age, sex, race, colour, religious background or physical capability. Even the most unfit and uncoordinated person can learn this martial art with help and guidance from the club.  That’s just not a problem.
The personal qualities I am referring to are a few but profound and a simply a willingness to-
  • Look inward
  • Take responsibility
  • Grow as an individual both physically and mentally
  • Stay with it
  • Serve and be served within the club
  • Develop friendships with people they would not normally meet in other circles of their lives  
As teacher with well over two decades of Aikido training behind me the requirements of all of these qualities still very much apply to me. Sometimes I fall into what I refer to as ‘the teaching trap’ when I start to think that I really know something or I have it nailed.  The beautiful thing about Aikido is that you never stop learning and as soon as I start to get above myself it brings me right back down to earth. Usually with a thud!
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