Bugeishi Aikido

On delivering technique

  • All techniques should be studied as if receiving multiple attacks from an individual or group of attackers
  • When experiencing a block in studying a technique, follow the steps of that technique back to identify the loss of connection
  • The purpose of technique is to train the body to move instinctively so that in contact with an attacker it will do what needs to be done without thought
  • Keep your posture at all times as without correct posture the study of technique is useless
  • Always temper the delivery of technique to the ability of the Uki receiving it
  • The first contact should disrupt one or all of the attacker’s CMI (Capability, Momentum & Intent)
  • First disrupt the attackers CMI and then the appropriate technique will present itself
  • All movement is generated from your centre with the intention of taking the attacker's centre and keeping it until the technique has been executed
  • Energetically a lock is a break that has not been applied and a throw is a combination of strikes not applied
  • Momentum is the key to timing, even when you are still be moving no matter how little
  • Slow is smooth and smooth is fast
  • Where the heel goes the hip and centre follows so study foot movement to the point of unconscious capability 
  • Moving with strength generates force and force generates a counter force
  • Continued and co-ordinated body motion moving from the centre generates power which will always overcome force

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