Bugeishi Aikido

On training in general

  • When we start studying Aikido we are reacting, after some time we learn to respond, when we start to initiate then we are on the path to mastery
  • Distance is as important as timing and work hand in hand, diligently study the distances of attack, striking, locking and throwing
  • Your greatest strength is always your greatest weakness
  • When studying Aikido always respect yourself and others
  • The study of speed, strength and flexibility is hard won, easily lost and ever diminishing with age whereas studying the interplay of centre, distance and timing is infinite and seems to improve with age
  • Always project your energy forward even when moving backwards
  • Powerful foot movement is found in calisthenics and our 'Around the Clock' foot movement and these should become second nature as there are hundreds of combinations of hand movements and very few foot movements
  • The attack begins when you say it does and ends when you say it does
  • Co-ordinated, flowing body movement from the centre is the key to Aikido
  • A strike, kick, lock, throw or any movement is only as good as the ability to perform the next movement
  • Train to move your body instinctively as there is only one of two things you will do in a situation – panic or follow your training

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