Bugeishi Aikido

On training with weapons

  • The use of weapons is the roots of Aikido and it is essential that weapons are studied to build a strong foundation
  • The study and use of weapons in Aikido is solely to improve the unarmed element, never believe that you are proficient with these weapons as their proficient use is a study far beyond that experienced in Aikido
  • When disarming do not try to take the weapon but rather make the attacker relinquish it
  • Every cut, strike, throw, lock or atemi contains a hip movement and every hip movement is a potential cut, strike, throw, lock or atemi so study the hip movement in everything and make it part of your natural movement
  • From the tanto we learn about positivity and centre
  • From the jo we learn about tension and balance
  • From the bokken we learn about co-ordination and movement

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