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The FAQs section is designed to address common questions from people who are interested in Aikido and training with us.  It is not intended to be a definitive description of Aikido.  This has been done very well on several websites and it would be pointless to even try to replicate them here.  For those interested in a more detailed study of the history and philosophy of Aikido I always recommend the Aikido Journal website which is an excellent resource and a very good place to start.  A link can be found along with several other relevant links in the Links section.
Aikido evolved from the study of weapons, the principal weapons were the sword, short staff and knife.  In the style of Aikido we study called Zanshin Ryu Aikido we train with these weapons to enhance our understanding of the roots and application of techniques.  Please be clear that in the Bugeisha Aikido Club weapons are not studied as an end in themselves.  There are many clubs and systems where the study of weapons is the end and anyone wishing to make weapons the primary direction of their training should look to them for instruction.  The purpose of our Weapons section is to show you what the weapons look like along with a brief description of what they are and why we use them.

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