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BokkenThe bokken is a wooden practice sword of similar dimensions and approximate weight of the katana (the traditional Japanese sword). The movements and techniques taught in Aikido are often compared to the way of the sword.

The completion of most projection techniques is complementary to cutting with the katana and the hip. Body movements and posture are all complimentary to sword techniques.

The bokken is stout and dense, however, far less intimidating than a live blade and is much safer as it may be used for extensive practice without anyone being injured providing it is used properly.

Sword practice is fundamental to movement in Aikido and must be studied to be able to demonstrate the art properly.


JoThe teachings of Morihei Ueshiba are a major influence in the art of the jo. In many ways Aiki-jo (the aikido application of the Jo) is the most eclectic application of the short staff.

It is also the most popularly taught form of Jo, practiced by thousands of aikido ka all over the world. Aiki-jo exercises do not belong to any single Ryu (school). The techniques of Aiki-jo are an amalgamation, not intended to represent any style or preserve a single combat tradition, but to illustrate the principles of aikido with a wooden staff.

There is scarcely a single precept of aikido that cannot be demonstrated with the jo. The actual length, width and type of wood used in making a jo are not important in Aiki-jo; the principles of movement and the stability of the centre are what matters.

Aikido ka considers the Jo to be an extension of the arm and body thereby using it as an extension of the normal motion of the body not as a separate entity.


TantoThe Tanto is a wooden knife used for practicing techniques against knife attacks.
In Zanshin Ryu Aikido we do not, as a rule practice defending with a knife, however, defensive techniques incorporate removing the knife from the possession of the assailant.

It should be remembered that all techniques performed with a bokken may also be executed with a knife.


KatanaThe traditional weapon of the Japanese Samurai.
The Katana is used mainly for individual training, where the student will practice drawing and cutting with the sword.

As a good quality Katana is expensive they tend to be owned by students who have been studying for some time and have a particular interest in this side of Aikido training.
Training in groups and pairs with the sword will normally be done with a Bokken for obvious safety reasons.

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