Bugeishi Aikido

Class Etiquette

  1. Starting and ending a class kneeling in seiza is purely a tribute to the Japanese origins of the art. We do not have a shrine (kamiza) in the dojo due to the fact that we embrace all cultures without focussing exclusively on a Japanese worldview. As the name of our club implies, we are seeking truths through the study of aikido, we are not seeking to emulate another culture. Therefore, with the exception of ‘rei’ and ‘yame’, which are commands heard in every dojo studying martial arts of Japanese origin, no other Japanese is compulsory.
  2. Bowing is practiced in Bugeisha Aikido.  Again, this is principally because it is practiced in all other forms of Aikido.  It also serves as a physical act to bring the mind to the beginning and end of the training session. 
  3. We bow twice at the beginning and end of a training session.  The first bow is a collective acknowledgement of the gift of aikido.  The second bow is the instructor thanking the students for attending and the students thanking the instructor for teaching them. 
  4. Should we attend a dojo with a kamiza, we will bow to the kamiza as a respect for the traditions adopted by that dojo.
  5. At the end of every class all those participating should shake hands with their fellow class members to thank them for being there and being part of each other’s learning experience.
  6. Instructors will always check with their uke prior to use of demonstrations, that he or she is well enough to give appropriate ukemi.  The instructor should always thank the uke after each demonstration and give feedback on the quality of the ukemi.  It should always be remembered by the uke that it is a privilege to be chosen for this role as it demonstrates trust from the instructor and it is an opportunity to feel the technique first-hand.
  7. In the Bugeisha Aikido Club dan grades are still students and are expected to continue training with humility, modesty and openness.

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