Bugeishi Aikido

Personal Conduct

  1. Since we train in close proximity with each other personal hygiene is of utmost importance.  This includes short, clean finger and toe nails.
  2. Anyone with long hair must make sure that it is tied back.
  3. No one will be permitted to training whilst under the influence of alcoholand/or non perscription drugs.
  4. No language that could cause embarrassment or offence is to be used in the dojo.
  5. No changing of clothes in the dojo where this could cause embarrassment or offence.
  6. Treat visitors to the dojo with the respect and good manners that you would expect if you were a visitor.
  7. All members must have completed and returned a membership form and pay the annual membership fee promptly.
  8. All members must hold valid insurance to be able to train and all instructors must hold a current public liability insurance certificate.  These are covered by the annual membership fee.
  9. It is the individuals’ responsibility to make sure that they pay their session fees by the end of the session.  Those paying by standing order must ensure that their attendance has been noted down by the instructor.
  10. It is the member’s responsibility to report any injuries or illnesses (permanent or temporary) to the club instructor.
  11. Any blood spillage should be notified immediately to the instructor.
  12. All instructors will have access to a first aid kit at all times.

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